Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day #4 Reflection

Center Court - Great, rich discussion about thoughts and ideas about tech in schools.   We all see so many needs in our districts, some the same and some different but helpful to hear different ideas and possible solutions.

RSA Video:  Interesting stuff but in my aging brain I would have liked it to slow down a bit so I could absorb more.  Watching it again will clarify some of Robinson's points, especially about Divergent Thinking.
Glad to know that we all have the capacity to create but frustrating to see how it deteriorates with education.  What's wrong with this picture?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fascinating Videos

The challenges are many:
1. Keeping kids curious
2. Facilitating learning of essential skills, and yet, will these essential skills be different 20 years from now?
3. Bringing the schools and community on board with this type of structure.
4., 5., and beyond.....
Structure is so severely embedded in our society.  From insisting starting pre-school at age three to the structure of play time.  For example,  children are in school all day, then they have scheduled fun, (soccer, ballet, piano, etc.).  When do we give children the opportunity to explore and achieve learning for the pure enjoyment of it?  Certainly not in kindergarten, as one of our class colleagues pointed out.

How can we keep learning fun, or at least enjoyable for our students?  How will we keep students engaged?  Granny clouds?

Important piece today

One important piece of information I heard today, and I have heard it before, was the importance of changing the structure of discourse.  That it is all about engagement.  I know, we've all heard this but it is reverberating in my head and wondering and hoping I can integrate what I am learning into my practice successfully.  As leaders, it is incumbent upon us to catch up with our students, really.  But this is part of changing the structure of discourse, listen to the consumer and the consumers are the students.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reflection: Let's open schools

Why can't we keep schools open for evening use, like a community center?  Let's invite ALL people in our schools and give access to computers to everyone.  Why not make schools a place of social meetings/fun, rather than a place to be avoided?  In other words, the neighborhood schools become the center of the community.  I know this is not a new idea but when will we do it?  Just some ongoing thoughts.

Bundy's info.....

Nothing short of phenomenal.  This information is so valuable.  I hope the BSD will be able to expand on workshops to spread the use of this rapidly. 

Digital text is.....almost beyond comprehension Tuesday reflection at break.

Watching the short videos made me realize how behind I really am.  The good thing is that I am making it a priority to learn how to integrate this technology into my practice.  What I will do is re-think my approach to using technology in my College Success and College Study Skills courses.

Did you know that the first person to live to be 150 years old has been born?  Lot's of learning and innovation needs to happen between now and then.  (Fun fact to know and tell)

Monday, July 11, 2011

First Class Reflection: Afternon discussion

Our group had a great discussion about using leading technology use among our peers and students.  For me, integrating it with my classroom practice will be important.  This is something I want to work on and focus on for a final project.

One thing that jumped out to me from the article is how behind education is not only at the high school level but the college level as well.  The use of textbooks, for example, needs to end in most classes.  While hard books are wonderful, the use of ebooks will be essential for students of today and tomorrow.
Additionally, this practice will be a cost savings for districts.  Invest in e-books to eliminate the cost of constantly purchasing hard copies of books which will, inevitably, lead to a stock pile of out dated books/information.